Designer to watch- Diana Kotb

For today’s Modest Fridays, I’m so pleased and and excited to feature home-grown Australian designer, Diana Kotb. A follower tagged her on one of my Instagram images, and once I checked her profile, I was stunned. The aesthetic and creativity of her designs and the styling of the shoots was just mind blowing. The ‘modest fashion’ world at the moment is saturated with designers, but rarely have I come across something truly unique and original.

The designs exude quality and luxurious craftsmanship “without ever being pretentious”, in the words of the designer herself. My readers would all know by now that I believe that humility is a big part of being ‘modest’. But I think what also needs to be appreciated and prioritised is good quality clothing, that is timeless and able to be worn again and again. We need to shift our obsession with cheap, disposable ‘trendy’ clothing that is consumed without consideration of the impact this habit may be having on our earth and our society. As a community, we need a paradigm shift. Islam has always upheld and appreciated beauty, and warned of the excesses of consumerism. This should not go astray in the world of fashion where people have lost their appreciation for clothing of the highest quality.

Diana Kotb’s vision encapsulates this. She stresses that her designs are for the woman who is “unbroken, uncompromisable and unapologetic about her love for her faith and the strength it ignites.” A look at her campaign videos, which are a thing of beauty themselves, sums up all that I was saying above about quality, timelessness and modesty. To top it all off, her clothes are designed and made in Australia.

Believe me, Diana Kotb is a name you don’t want to forget.

Her latest campaign images are incredibly beautiful…


Images courtesy of Diana Kotb.


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