How to: Minimalist Eid Decorations

Eid Decorations usually seem to follow the trend of hanging lanterns, a token paper mosque, paper moons and stars with lots of shiny gold and silver.

While I’m sure these decorations are still pretty, and the kids would love them, I really love the idea of minimal, but still beautiful, Eid decorations.

Here is a very simple way to spruce up a spot in your home to enliven it with some festive spirit. We used lush greens, some native flowers, printed letters and some string lighting to create a pretty and enlightening message of celebration to herald the start of Eid.

So here goes:

You will need…

  • Lush green leaves- we used Camellia leaves for their deep green colour and glossy leaves.
  • Flowers of your choice- we used Australian natives because they dry out well and therefore last longer.
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Floral Tape
  • Floral wire
  • Printable Eid banner via
  • String lighting- we got ours from Kmart
  • Any home decor/vases/accessories you have at home

How we did it…

Lay out all your materials.


Cut the extra length off your greens. IMG_1422

Line up the twine with your greenery, leaving extra at the end. IMG_1428

Wrap wire a few times around the end (which will be the start of your garland) of your greenery. IMG_1431

Then simply wrap the wire loosely around both the twine and the length of the stick. IMG_1433

Grab a second leaf and cut off extra twig. IMG_1434

Attach to first greenery with wire, ensuring you wrap the wire around twine and both branches. IMG_1440

Continue process until you achieve your desired length. IMG_1466

Cut flowers from stems and simply insert into existing wire. You can further reinforce the flowers by wrapping floral tape around them. IMG_1463

Cuddle your baby who just woke up from a nap and can’t bear to be separate from you. IMG_1479

And set it all up in desired location. You can choose to hang the garland across a window, in a hall way, essentially anywhere that you would like the decorations to be. If you choose to hang it, you can also attach the letters across the length of the garland. Or you can simply place it across a mantel like we did and hang the sign above it. IMG_1512 (1)IMG_1521IMG_1517IMG_1510IMG_1520IMG_1501

That’s it! My family loved the twinkling lights and the simplicity of the green and white. We’d love to see how you have styled your home for Eid this year. Send us your pics through the comment section.


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