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It’s been a big week of harrowing incidents, from Turkey to France, Pakistan to Sudan. I think doing our best to be positive, to take time to reflect on what we could be doing better in our own lives and worlds, to engage in actions that focus changing our own flaws and of course to make dua, to pray to Allah for relief and ease for those suffering, are ways to respond to such overwhelming challenges. For truly the state of the world will not be changed until we change ourselves.

And here are some funny, incredible, inspiring and beautiful stories, inventions, and actions from around the world to make your week that much  better.

  1. Hilarious attempts to recreate Pinterest baby photos.
  2. Oh my. 50 beautiful sentences from literature.
  3. Delectable breakfast ideas that I can’t wait to try.
  4. A couch that becomes a bunk bed? I promise it’s real.
  5. If Witchery keeps designing clothes like this, I’m going to label it a #modestfashion brand. For reals.
  6. A revolutionary school that does things differently- by listening to their students.
  7. This Muslim woman is responding to hate with positivity.
  8. This ute full of dahlias is making the rounds on Instagram, and its not hard to see why #beauty.
  9. Incredible images from the failed coup attempt in Turkey, displaying the power of the people.

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