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It’s an exciting week for me as I’m going overseas on Thursday! We are taking our eldest daughter with us, J, but leaving our little one, Z, behind. She’s just over one and a half and does not sit in a pram, and struggles with sitting in a car for more than an hour. As our destination is literally on the other side of the world (Turkey) and we are also planning to go to a few cities whilst there, I know it would simply be much too difficult for her, and for us, if we brought her along. My justification is that, “she won’t remember it anyway!” right? RIGHT?!! Anxiety over leaving her aside, I am very much excited to be going on this trip, as we haven’t travelled much in the past 7 years of our marriage.

So today’s “Best on the Net”will have some of the best travel tips on the net, amongst a few other inspiring stories this week… Here goes:

  1. Travelling should not just be in the form of leisurely holidays, even these holidays should be set in intentions that align with pleasing, or drawing close to Allah. Our guest contributor this week outlines how to establish your intentions for travel, amongst many other practical ways to make the most out of your travels.
  2. And on that note, what is the definition of a traveller (under Islamic Fiqh) anyway?
  3. The best activity book to take when flying with kids.
  4. Tips for surviving those ghastly 20 hour long flights.
  5. These pretty crayon rolls are the perfect way to store crayons whilst travelling.
  6. Before I leave, I need to give my house a big spring clean and this is a great checklist to guide me. 
  7. A ‘dating app’ for ugly fruits and veggies has already save 20,000 pound of produce. Definitely something that we should have in Australia.
  8. I used to use Rob Gonsalves mind-twisting drawings in my English classes, and I still love them.
  9. Alicia Keys is spot on while discussing motherhood, respect and valuing time.

There you have it! I am humbly asking that you keep us in your duas (prayers) while we travel. Hopefully we will still continue posting here while I am gone. See you all soon!

Featured image via Eventide.

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