Gardening at home

I love fresh flowers around the home, but let’s be real, it can be quite an expensive luxury. Plus, purchasing flowers from the grocery or florist can have hidden nasties, as they spray the flowers with chemicals to make them last longer, or they source them from unethical supply chains. Also, keeping flowers indoors in an air-conditioned space with no natural light is not good for the longevity of those flowers.

So I decided to start gardening, with the plot of raised garden beds that I have in my backyard. Today I traipsed out there with the girls and we collected quite a good haul of flowers to arrange around the house, and even dry in a flower press.

Growing your own flowers is a great experience for the kids. From planting, to watering and seeing the flowers bloom to cutting them and arranging them, it is a beautiful way to connect them with nature and also instil a sense of responsibility.

If you can manage to keep them alive, the plants are incredibly giving, providing blooms year after year…

So far, our green thumbs have been going strong, and I am proud of the flowers that we were able to grow and use… Today we collected hellebores, alstroemeria, Geraldton wax and snapdragons.


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