Maternity Wear Essentials

Finding comfortable yet stylish clothing whilst pregnant can be difficult, and inevitably, regardless of what you wear, you are bound to look like you swallowed a large watermelon by the time you get to the end of your pregnancy.

Nonetheless, it is definitely a lot easier to find stylish and comfortable maternity wear what with the explosion in maternity brands lately, and also some non-maternity label clothing that can be adapted.

This being my third pregnancy, a lesson that I have learnt is to ensure that whatever I buy for my changing body will also last me beyond pregnancy. I remember after I had my first daughter and I started to leave my house that I realised that I didn’t have any breastfeeding friendly clothing. It seemed like such a frustrating thing to think about- and out went the maxi dresses. Try lifting that up and shoving a baby under to breastfeed. Not. Happening.

The following outfit options are actually clothes that I have worn many times throughout this pregnancy and most can be worn post-pregnancy, they’ll still fit me, and I can breastfeed in them.

So here goes…

Everyday, running out to grab groceries, visiting family etc. etc. 

Drawstring loose black pants, cotton man-style shirt and oversized blazer (that won’t look oversized because of your swelling belly). Throw in some pretty accessories and comfortable loafer-style flats and you’re good to go…


Blazer Kowtow Clothing Shirt Witchery Pants The Great Beyond Shoes Witchery Watch Mimco Necklace Target

When you REALLY can’t be bothered but need to look presentable and you just don’t do the whole track pants/active wear outfit thing…

Throw on these pants that you can basically sleep in but are not pyjamas (WIN WIN), a bamboo fabric black t-shirt and a light as air striped cardigan. Necklace is totally optional.


Cardigan (similar) Kowtow Clothing T-shirt (not featured) The Great Beyond Pants (in Khaki) Sussan

Catching up with friends, which you might as well do before it becomes a figment of your imagination… 

Light-weight trench coat with chic black maternity dress and same black pants as above. Keep them straight-legged. A statement necklace will uplift the look… Actually this trench coat is very versatile and sits really nicely. It’s something I know that I can wear post-baby as well.


Trench coat Witchery Dress Target Pants The Great Beyond


Throw on a one size fits all bohemian kaftan dress with a neutral coloured blazer and block heels for a dinner date out with the husband that doesn’t involve children climbing all over you, or temper tantrums over the choice of food… That’s if this is your first pregnancy. IF this is your second (or third), then expect to get white rice stuck on this navy blue dress and LOTS of frustration served with a side of, “why the hell do we take the kids out to dinner with us?” realisations…


Blazer Kowtow Clothing Dress Tree of Life Shoes Witchery

A Wedding, or some fancy event that you’d rather miss so you can sleep early because you’re over 30 weeks pregnant and damn tired… 

A loose floral print gown that you can feel totally comfortable in because as stated above, you’d rather be at home sleeping… or attempting to sleep because let’s face it, by the time you get to 30 weeks plus, you ain’t getting much of that either… at least you’ll look pretty as a picture in this dress.


Dress Needle and Thread Shoes Witchery 

I’d also recommend… 

The Great Beyond is an Australian company who make the most comfortable basics from bamboo. I practically live in their Luna Top in Black and their Europa Dress also in Black, although I am considering buying them in the other colours too. Of course, they’re not strictly maternity wear, but the beautifully soft bamboo fabric stretches easily without losing its shape, ensuring you can still wear them after pregnancy. And they are incredibly soft and breathable, which is awesome news for a pregnant woman in summer trying to do a grocery run. Layer them with the man-style shirt (from Witchery) worn open and comfy maternity jeans such as these. Which I have and currently wear practically every day…

Also, here’s another shot of this clothing rack that we prettied up with some trailing branches of bougainvillaea that was nonchalantly hanging over somebody’s fence, that I foraged (ahem, stole).


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  1. What an awesome piece for all the pregnant ladies. While online maternity wear is getting popular I struggled to find much at the shops so having read through these suggestions is very helpful. Love your style too!

  2. What an great idea to sett up sal, i think most of women are will straggle during this period of time ! it is just great work 🙂

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