Ethically made Earrings

Written by Subhi Bora. 

When in Dubai, I wanted to buy gifts for people as well as something blingy for myself as a souvenir. I wanted something meaningful, beautiful, preferably made in the UAE, and with good ethical standards.

This seemed near impossible amongst the endless imported designer stores and H&M-like options.

BUT THEN I found the Gallery One store in Dubai Mall and bought beautiful pieces of art, made in the UAE! And I came across this beautiful brand of jewellery Vanina World, whose pieces are ethically made and use recycled materials. These particular earrings were made in collaboration with 2 NGOs based in Lebanon. I am super happy I found what I was looking for, all by chance.

We CAN do better with our purchasing power, so let’s do it.



*Photos by Saltanat Bora (editor). Please don’t use without permission of The Modest Life.

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