Newborn Essentials- things that you will actually need

Anybody who has had a baby will know that the sheer amount of products out there for baby are mind-blowing and plain confusing. A newborn human shouldn’t need that much right? Wrong. Walk into any baby store and you’ll see what I mean.

Having done this twice already and expecting my third (in just 7 weeks!!), I’ve whittled down what a baby would really need to the following. They are tried and tested by myself and I genuinely love these products. I try to choose organic and ethically made products where I can.

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  1. BABU Organic cotton hooded towels, face washers and wash cloths.
  2. Baby Bjorn Balance bouncer– this has been sitting in my living for 5 years in the same spot and will probably be there for another 2 years. It is very practical, and isn’t a scary, battery operated bouncer with toys hanging off it. It moves with the natural movements of baby, aiding in muscle development.
  3. Wilson & Frenchy growsuits. Get the zip kind, not the one with a thousand buttons because nappy change time is hard enough already.
  4. Gaia baby massage oil. Makes bath times much more fun.
  5. Tooshies by TOM nappies. They only launched these recently and I’m using them for Z (my two-year old) and I LOVE them because they are made using organic materials, are made well, fit around baby’s waist snugly and don’t leak. What more could you want in a nappy?
  6. Gaia hair & body wash. See number 4.
  7. Bubba blue organic four piece gift set. A cute print with all the essential accessories: beanie, mittens, bib and socks.
  8. Manduca baby carrier. I have used my fair share of baby carriers and this one is by far my favourite. It’s easy to use and supports your back well, whilst keeping baby snug and close.
  9. Bassinet. My bassinet is very similar to this style. I like that I can see baby through the see-through mesh, I can roll it around the house and I also like its simple aesthetic.
  10. Lifefactory glass bottles. In one word; brilliant. They also fit onto a Medela pump which is a huge thumbs up.
  11. Muslin Wrap. Both my babies liked to be wrapped and muslin wraps are perfect for both winter and summer babies. Get one in organic cotton.
  12. Valco Snap 4 stroller. So with my first baby, I bought the Valco Rebel Q pram, which was awesome, except that it was one of those prams that had to be separated into two to fold and fit in your boot. When I first tried it out at the baby store I didn’t think it would be a big deal. I was totally wrong. I eventually grew tired of separating the seat and folding the huge base…and it literally took up all my boot space. So, I passed that onto a family member who needed a pram, and this time round swore that I’d buy something that folds in one swift motion. Enter Valco Snap 4 stroller. It was very well priced (just over $300, unlike other strollers that retail for an incredulous $900 upwards), it is easy to handle, it’s light and folds in ONE SWIFT MOTION. I was totally sold.
  13. Tooshies by TOM wipes. Best. Wipes. Ever. And the cute packaging is a total bonus.
  14. Purebaby singlets. Lovely organic cotton singlets. Need I say more?
  15. nappy oil. Again, made of organic ingredients, this is the only nappy oil that has actually worked consistently. The moment I see a bit of redness or the beginnings of nappy rash, I apply this oil generously and by the next nappy change, it’s cleared up.

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