Best on the Net

Good morning everyone! Can you believe that we are in December? That 2016 is almost at a close and that we will be welcoming 2017 soon? 2017 sounds so… fantastical. Like an author 50 years ago would have set his/her future dystopian text in 2017 or something… Also, and perhaps more importantly, it is currentlyContinue reading “Best on the Net”

What I’ve packed in my hospital bag

With two weeks to go till my due date, I finally put my hospital bag together, and guess what? It’s still missing some essentials. Here is what I’ve been able to throw in there for now… For me… Pretty bathrobe Cheap pyjamas¬†because they will certainly go through a lot in the first few days ClothingContinue reading “What I’ve packed in my hospital bag”

How to style an entryway

Not only is your entryway a great place for necessary storage and organization, it’s also the first thing you see upon entering your home and therefore a great place to work on to make your home welcoming. Even if it is a really small space, there are many ways you can introduce storage and designContinue reading “How to style an entryway”