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What I’ve packed in my hospital bag

With two weeks to go till my due date, I finally put my hospital bag together, and guess what? It’s still missing some essentials. Here is what I’ve been able to throw in there for now…

For me…img_3954img_3955

Missing from bag…

For baby… 


Missing from bag…

I am feeling that mix of emotions that is inevitable at this phase of pregnancy. I’m over being pregnant, constantly tired, scared of labour, but also excited to meet baby. One positive is that I do feel a lot more mobile and “normal” and I’m associating it to the fact that this is my third pregnancy and I have two other little kids at home to keep me busy and literally on my feet. Oh how luxurious a first pregnancy is! One can lounge around, and take naps whenever they want and simply wait in blissful ignorance of labour, revelling in the excitement of meeting their firstborn. Not so with latter pregnancies… It may be a good thing though, because it keeps one active which should help with the labour… “should” being the key word here lol.


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