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Good morning everyone! Can you believe that we are in December? That 2016 is almost at a close and that we will be welcoming 2017 soon? 2017 sounds so… fantastical. Like an author 50 years ago would have set his/her future dystopian text in 2017 or something…

Also, and perhaps more importantly, it is currently the month of Rabi ul-Awwal, the month that our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) was born. So in today’s Best on the Net, I’ve included a few links on how to honour the Prophet Muhammad (saw) this month, how to share in the blessings of the month, and how to involve your children as well.

  1. Eight books to teach your kids about the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
  2. And here’s another beautiful book written/illustrated by Demi that my children love…
  3. I’m personally reading through this particular work by Tariq Ramadan this month.
  4. A comprehensive guide to the permissibility of Mawlid.
  5. A beautiful Salawat recitation by Al-Firdaus Ensemble to listen to with the children.
  6. We are also obsessed with these two versions of Tala’Al Badru Alayna- Yusuf Islam and the Canadian Children’s Choir.
  7. And lastly, a beautiful overview of the Prophet’s noble character, which you can use to share with your children as well.

Children are incredibly receptive to listening to stories about the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Sharing stories, and also sharing how the Prophet (saw) lived, discussing his noble character, how he was kind, generous, thoughtful, helpful and truthful, makes him real and present for children. And here is one last link, that gives some tips on how to make the Prophet (saw) come alive for your children. 


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