Month: December 2017

Beautiful & educational posters for the kids

We love posters for kids that function on two levels, they are educational as well as being beautiful art. Creating a home environment for our children that is beautiful and not garish aids in their upbringing, as it teaches them to also appreciate and value beauty. Here’s a selection of our favourite posters. Check out the other products these great businesses create as well… Kate Dolamore Insects poster We are Squared has a range of beautiful but simple posters. Our favourite is the “Know the Solar System” poster.  BLINK colours wall chart is next on my wishlist for the kids’ playroom    4. Love Mae Dinosaurs Poster   5. Handmade beginnings Arabic Letters wall hanging 6. Love Mae Alphabet Poster Featured image via Cup of Jo

A birthday present idea for your MIL

It was my mother-in-law’s birthday recently so I put this gift basket of self-care items together for her. It was easy to put together, the process was enjoyable and the end result, quite lovely. The photos aren’t styled the best as I had to capture this quickly because three kids + had to head to the birthday dinner + trying to get ready + real life isn’t perfectly styled, BUT! it captures the process well enough. So here goes… What you need: Medium/Large sized basket Various gifts that the MIL will love. I chose self-care items that she could easily use, a baking book (because she loves baking), some beautiful V&A gardening gloves and a calendar/organiser for next year. Two sheets of cellophane Newspaper Ribbon Faux flower How to put it together:  Gather the contents to fill a medium-large sized basket. If you’re going to do this, go big or go home 😀 I got every single item from one store so that I didn’t have to run around curating them from various shops because …