Cultivating your own garden

Hello all! My goodness, it has been a long long time since I’ve last written here. Two years have gone by without me writing a single post on this blog, I got swept up in Instagram, the ease of sharing on stories and the concise posts it allowed made writing on here seem cumbersome andContinue reading “Cultivating your own garden”

On having a slow year

As I lay in bed last night listening to the pop of fireworks I thought back to the year that was 2018. Of course, no New Year’s Eve is complete without a reflection back to the events of that year, and usually I write an entry in my diary, processing all that happened and lookingContinue reading “On having a slow year”

The List: Islamic Children’s Books

Hi everyone! I know it has been a long long time since I’ve written over here. I’ve been more active over on the Instagram account because let’s be honest, it’s just easier. But, I shared some of my favourite Islamic children’s books over on my stories and decided to follow it up with a blogContinue reading “The List: Islamic Children’s Books”

Our Ramadan set-up

We are very excited about Ramadan this year, simply because we are more prepared than ever before, and yet we still have a million things to do, so that should give you an indication of how NOT prepared we were in previous years. To be honest, it is REALLY hard to prepare everything for Ramadan.Continue reading “Our Ramadan set-up”

ALL the thoughts we have about Instagram

A few nights ago I posted on my Instagram stories a few thoughts about the social media platform and the issues around the sponsorship/influencer aspect of it. Turns out, A LOT of you had A LOT of thoughts about it as well, so I decided to collate those thoughts into one blog post. In theContinue reading “ALL the thoughts we have about Instagram”

A birthday present idea for your MIL

It was my mother-in-law’s birthday recently so I put this gift basket of self-care items together for her. It was easy to put together, the process was enjoyable and the end result, quite lovely. The photos aren’t styled the best as I had to capture this quickly because three kids + had to head toContinue reading “A birthday present idea for your MIL”

Why conscious consumption is a lie

Off the back of Black Friday, which was incredibly stressful (anyone else feel that it stressed them out?), with every single business handing out discounts like drugs at a concert, even the ethical ones, I’ve come to a realisation about purchasing ethical, organic and sustainable. If an alternative that ticks all the above boxes exists, IContinue reading “Why conscious consumption is a lie”

Will the real YOU please stand up?

As I scroll through my Instagram feed lately I feel like I am literally seeing the same picture over and over again. Everybody obviously follows accounts that interest them, so as a mother I follow a lot of parenting/home decor/mummy bloggers/lifestyle accounts. People. I literally see the same photo OVER AND OVER again. The sameContinue reading “Will the real YOU please stand up?”

A generous baby shower

I’ve always had two thoughts and emotions about baby showers. I’ve felt somewhat uneasy about them, what with the fanfare, extravagance that seems to be the trend these days and potentially lots of unwanted gifts, but I’ve also loved the concept of gathering a budding mother’s closest female friends and family to initiate her intoContinue reading “A generous baby shower”