A simple health trick

Hello everyone! I have been absent for a few months around here. What with Ramadan, a new baby and the general demands of life with three kids, friends and family; things have been busy. More than this though, I have been struggling to be motivated to do anything outside of just getting through each day.Continue reading “A simple health trick”

A hijab by any other name is…fashion.

The hijab has been getting a lot of attention lately. Women who wear the hijab (Islamic head covering) are becoming more vocal, asserting their existence in a world that has attempted to define them. Women who wear the hijab are speaking, shouting, writing, running, jumping, strutting, fencing, dancing and singing their way to recognition, in anContinue reading “A hijab by any other name is…fashion.”

What social media is really about

I am on social media a lot. Recently I admitted to myself that I am addicted to it. That I spend way too much time on it. That it is taking over my life and turning me into an automaton. Yes my eldest has yelled at me numerous times to put my phone down. AndContinue reading “What social media is really about”

Best on the Net

Good morning everyone! Can you believe that we are in December? That 2016 is almost at a close and that we will be welcoming 2017 soon? 2017 sounds so… fantastical. Like an author 50 years ago would have set his/her future dystopian text in 2017 or something… Also, and perhaps more importantly, it is currentlyContinue reading “Best on the Net”

Best on the Net

It’s been a big week in the world, with much to ponder on. Here are a few inspiring, positive and thought-provoking links to make this week that much better… A beautiful new children’s book compiles tales from Syrian refugees. Carla Zampatti designed a uniform for Westpac and included a style for hijabis. Check out thisContinue reading “Best on the Net”

‘Modest Fashion’ is an oxymoron…

‘Modest Fashion’ has become a catch phrase that is used to refer to a broad spectrum of clothing, generally in the milieu that is considered to be ‘covered up’. It may or may not include a head covering. In the past five years, with social media platforms accelerating as popular bases for self-promotion, ‘modest fashion’Continue reading “‘Modest Fashion’ is an oxymoron…”

Let’s talk about what we feed our children

Today I want to talk about what we feed our children. I know that it is an incredibly heated topic, one that can really make people (parents, I mean) defensive and emotional. I know that 99% of the time, the defences used will be something along the lines of… “I just CANNOT get him/her to eatContinue reading “Let’s talk about what we feed our children”

An (un)birthday party

It was my youngest daughter’s second birthday earlier this month and usually birthdays around here are small affairs where only the family gather for dinner and a cake, and presents. This year I decided to do a little something different and throw a “birthday party” for Z mainly because she is about to become middleContinue reading “An (un)birthday party”

Best on the Net

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for the new week! Here are some lovely, positive and uplifting stories to make the start of the week that much easier… 30 Captivating Historical photographs that need to be seen. What a teen girl’s magazine cover looks like when a graphic designer getsContinue reading “Best on the Net”

Wondrous Earth

A photo series that will spotlight the wondrous beauty of this Earth, a moment to reflect on the Beauty endowed on this Earth by Our Creator… How can one travel through this earth and not be moved by the beauty that we are surrounded by? A magnificent sunset that we witness whilst engaging in something asContinue reading “Wondrous Earth”