How to: Minimalist Eid Decorations

Eid Decorations usually seem to follow the trend of hanging lanterns, a token paper mosque, paper moons and stars with lots of shiny gold and silver. While I’m sure these decorations are still pretty, and the kids would love them, I really love the idea of minimal, but still beautiful, Eid decorations. Here is a veryContinue reading “How to: Minimalist Eid Decorations”

Autumn essentials

“Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground.” ― Andrea Gibson It’s officially Autumn here in Australia, and I was researching for a post on ‘Autumn essentials’ in terms of, well, stuff. Then I came across this gorgeous little poster… It madeContinue reading “Autumn essentials”

All about the bees (and love)

I have always loved flowers. Arranging flowers, gifting bouquets and of course, receiving flowers. Until recently, making money from arranging flowers had always been an acceptable source of income for me. Now that my interest in the wedding industry is taking a professional turn, this seemed even more likely and acceptable. That is until IContinue reading “All about the bees (and love)”