Beautiful & educational posters for the kids

We love posters for kids that function on two levels, they are educational as well as being beautiful art. Creating a home environment for our children that is beautiful and not garish aids in their upbringing, as it teaches them to also appreciate and value beauty.

Here’s a selection of our favourite posters. Check out the other products these great businesses create as well…

  1. Kate Dolamore Insects posteril_570xN.1223125735_oaz1
  2. We are Squared has a range of beautiful but simple posters. Our favourite is the “Know the Solar System” poster. squared_solar_1024x1024
  3. BLINK colours wall chart is next on my wishlist for the kids’ playroom Colours_chart_1_e8d3bff2-2e8e-458a-a50c-7c14971380b1_grande


4. Love Mae Dinosaurs Poster



5. Handmade beginnings Arabic Letters wall hanging


6. Love Mae Alphabet Poster


Featured image via Cup of Jo

Inspiring kids’ learning spaces

Even if one is not homeschooling their children, having a “learning nook” can be useful. And I say “nook” because let’s face it; not everyone has the luxury of having a separate room just for the kids.

Even a spare wall in the house can suffice, with various shelving systems like the first one below acting as storage for the kids’ craft supplies, books and toys.

Keeping it playful makes it appealing for the kids as well, rather than taking it too seriously and “suitable for the minimalist/boho/modern/california cool (whatever that means) aesthetic of my home”. It’s a space for kids; it should look like one.

Bright pops of colour, fun wallpaper, chalkboard walls, cute (and educational) posters and whimsical toys can really make the space appealing and beautiful.

Also, it need not be very expensive, because #IKEA and thrifting. I find that exploring second hand stores, op shops and flea markets yield beautiful and unique toys and educational material.

Take a look at our favourites below…





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Featured image via Pencil and Paper

How to style an entryway

Not only is your entryway a great place for necessary storage and organization, it’s also the first thing you see upon entering your home and therefore a great place to work on to make your home welcoming.

Even if it is a really small space, there are many ways you can introduce storage and design elements, with trendy wall hooks, a brightly coloured door, statement art or a sleek bench.

Here are some ideas on how to style an entryway…

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Pink and feminine


Monochrome and minimalist


Modern ethnic touches




Statement art



Featured image via Domino.

Gardening at home

I love fresh flowers around the home, but let’s be real, it can be quite an expensive luxury. Plus, purchasing flowers from the grocery or florist can have hidden nasties, as they spray the flowers with chemicals to make them last longer, or they source them from unethical supply chains. Also, keeping flowers indoors in an air-conditioned space with no natural light is not good for the longevity of those flowers.

So I decided to start gardening, with the plot of raised garden beds that I have in my backyard. Today I traipsed out there with the girls and we collected quite a good haul of flowers to arrange around the house, and even dry in a flower press.

Growing your own flowers is a great experience for the kids. From planting, to watering and seeing the flowers bloom to cutting them and arranging them, it is a beautiful way to connect them with nature and also instil a sense of responsibility.

If you can manage to keep them alive, the plants are incredibly giving, providing blooms year after year…

So far, our green thumbs have been going strong, and I am proud of the flowers that we were able to grow and use… Today we collected hellebores, alstroemeria, Geraldton wax and snapdragons.


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Baby Boy’s Nursery Inspiration

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with Baby No. 3 and I am in shock as to how quickly it has passed. I essentially have two and a half months left and it occurred to me the other day that I have prepared nothing for this child, because #babyno3. I decided to head out and start buying some baby essentials, like muslin wraps, towels and the like and it hit me that I was actually having another baby. Excitement is setting in people! I am so so so excited to meet this little baby boy (yes it’s a boy inshaAllah!). Of course I’m terrified at the same time as to how I’m going to juggle three kids under 5 BUT!!! we’re going to have a new baby in the house! That means squishy toes and a fragile being who SMELLS heavenly of newborn, uncorrupted human.

Yep. I’m excited.

I was also in denial throughout this pregnancy about this baby needing a room, but then realised that I had nowhere to put his things. My bedroom has no extra storage. None. Even if I declutter. Does that sound horrible? It probably is.

ANYWAYSSS, I’m currently in the process of decluttering my ‘storage room’ which really means ‘the room we throw everything we don’t need into’. It has been totally therapeutic, or I’m just totally nesting lol.

And, I’ve been snooping Pinterest for some nursery inspiration. I don’t like to overdo a baby’s room, and I really want to keep this boy’s room calm, simple with natural wood tones, lighter colours and a patterned rug.

Below are some baby boy rooms that I am loving…


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Featured image via Paige Jones

Eid decor inspiration

With Eid ul-Adha literally around the corner (it’s tomorrow!), we’ve rounded up some beautiful decor ideas for your home, or family Eid dinner/lunch.

Lots of soft lighting to create atmosphere, touches of ethnic textiles, lanterns, gold foil balloons and floor seating make for the perfect home decor for Eid without being tacky, or without trying too hard.

We have a special post coming up in the next few days on how to get your children excited about and involved in Eid ul-Adha, without hanging fluffy cotton-ball sheep around the house, or cakes in the shape of sheep…Please, just don’t go there…

So keep an eye out for it, and until then, Eid Mubarak!


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Featured image via Design Love Fest.

Beautiful Spring arrangements for home

When the first soft pink magnolia buds form and flower on stark, bare branches in late August here in Sydney, and the delicate ivory blossoms begin to fill trees all over the city, one is filled with the promise of the new season. Beauty creeps back into every unexpected nook and cranny of the city.

I love bringing a piece of this beauty inside the home, so here are some absolutely beautiful arrangements to inspire us all…

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Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.38.41 pm

Sarah Winward, Kate Osborne | Snippet & Ink



Featured image via LuDiamond Flowers.