High-tech bassinets are totally a thing now

For those of us who have kids, think back to your most difficult child, the one you brought home from the hospital terrified of because from DAY ONE they wouldn’t sleep anywhere else but on your chest. Or in your arms. Or only in the car. Or they didn’t sleep at all. If you wereContinue reading “High-tech bassinets are totally a thing now”

Conversations with kids

Kids say the most hilarious things, and I wish I wrote down some of the things my own kids say more often. Here are a few things my little ones have spilled recently… When I came back from the hospital and J said to me: “Mum, why do you still have a baby in your tummy?”Continue reading “Conversations with kids”

Postpartum reflections

I’ve been following Australian actress Teresa Palmer on Instagram lately, and have been reading her posts over on her blog Your Zen Mama. She had her second baby just before I had my third, and she has been sharing her weekly postpartum reflections. I’ve really enjoyed reading them, it reminds me that I’m not theContinue reading “Postpartum reflections”

What I’ve packed in my hospital bag

With two weeks to go till my due date, I finally put my hospital bag together, and guess what? It’s still missing some essentials. Here is what I’ve been able to throw in there for now… For me… Pretty bathrobe Cheap pyjamas because they will certainly go through a lot in the first few days ClothingContinue reading “What I’ve packed in my hospital bag”

Brightness is not a dim place on the horizon…

I remember the first night that I was in the hospital by myself with my new baby. My family had left, my husband included, as hospital policy (in a public hospital) did not allow the husband to stay overnight. I was alone in a vacuous hospital, lights dimmed, with the constant beeping of machines, otherContinue reading “Brightness is not a dim place on the horizon…”

Best on the Net

It’s been a big week in the world, with much to ponder on. Here are a few inspiring, positive and thought-provoking links to make this week that much better… A beautiful new children’s book compiles tales from Syrian refugees. Carla Zampatti designed a uniform for Westpac and included a style for hijabis. Check out thisContinue reading “Best on the Net”

Let’s talk about what we feed our children

Today I want to talk about what we feed our children. I know that it is an incredibly heated topic, one that can really make people (parents, I mean) defensive and emotional. I know that 99% of the time, the defences used will be something along the lines of… “I just CANNOT get him/her to eatContinue reading “Let’s talk about what we feed our children”

An (un)birthday party

It was my youngest daughter’s second birthday earlier this month and usually birthdays around here are small affairs where only the family gather for dinner and a cake, and presents. This year I decided to do a little something different and throw a “birthday party” for Z mainly because she is about to become middleContinue reading “An (un)birthday party”

Newborn essentials-things that you will actually need, Part 2

  Rest: Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to get straight back into work (if you can of course), or cleaning for God’s sake, or even cooking. And yes I’ll throw in the disclaimer that every mother is different and different things work for them. But I’m talking about a mother (first-time or not) whoContinue reading “Newborn essentials-things that you will actually need, Part 2”

Newborn Essentials- things that you will actually need

Anybody who has had a baby will know that the sheer amount of products out there for baby are mind-blowing and plain confusing. A newborn human shouldn’t need that much right? Wrong. Walk into any baby store and you’ll see what I mean. Having done this twice already and expecting my third (in just 7Continue reading “Newborn Essentials- things that you will actually need”