A birthday present idea for your MIL

It was my mother-in-law’s birthday recently so I put this gift basket of self-care items together for her. It was easy to put together, the process was enjoyable and the end result, quite lovely. The photos aren’t styled the best as I had to capture this quickly because three kids + had to head toContinue reading “A birthday present idea for your MIL”

On love…

There is much to say about the consequences of the individualistic, self-centric world that we live in today. One consequence is the impact it has had on relationships and people’s views of what a relationship should look like. More specifically, people seem to have a keen idea about what a relationship should offer them, not whatContinue reading “On love…”

An Open Letter to All My Concerned Aunties

I am so excited today to bring to you all our first contributor post. This is a stunningly honest and  poetically written piece addressed to all the aunties who are “concerned” about your marital status. Written by Sevgi Yildiz. Recently, my sister four years my junior got married and at 28 in a community ofContinue reading “An Open Letter to All My Concerned Aunties”

The Big Fat Muslim Wedding

A custom made wedding dress that costs over $5000. A variety of cars ranging from vintage, sports, luxury, a Hummer, oh and throw in a motorcycle or two. Flowers covering the reception hall. A candy buffet groaning under the weight of cupcakes, strawberry towers, cakes and custom monogrammed biscuits. Wedding reception entertainment including, but notContinue reading “The Big Fat Muslim Wedding”

My husband, my best friend

“If everybody just cared about and supported others then everyone would be happy. Nobody would go without because we’d all be looking out for each other. At the moment, most people just look out for themselves and look at us… we’re all lonely, desperate, sad…Take marriage for example…If each (husband and wife) were looking outContinue reading “My husband, my best friend”